Restroom Products

Restrooms solutions for your business

We provide a complete line of convenience products to keep your restrooms clean and your customers content with their restroom experience:

Our mountable hand care systems ensure easy, hygienic and effective hand washing. Save space with our simple and efficient products!
A good hand cleanser is essential to your restroom product arsenal. Without a soap that actually removes germs, your staff and customers are simply spreading bacteria around your restroom every time they touch something. Depend on our heavy-duty hand cleansers to remove germs!

Toilet seat cleansers
Toilet seats can harbor a large number of germs, and nothing turns off a customer quite like residue on a toilet seat. Keep your toilets clean with our toilet seat cleansers!

Our air freshener systems are designed to keep your commercial restrooms smelling great at all times, leaving a great impression on your customers and ensuring a pleasant restroom experience.
If there’s one thing you always want to have on hand, it’s toilet tissue. We provide toilet tissue services so that you never run out of the essentials. 
Our urinal screens keep everything flowing smoothly while helping to control odors in your men’s restroom. Get only the best and most efficient urinal screens from Specialty Mat Services.
Hand towels dispensers
Stock your paper towels in an easily accessible location with our hand towels dispensers. They can help manage usage and keep costs low.
Our toilet tissue dispensers make refilling and using toilet tissue as simple as possible. Make sure your customers have what they need with our efficient dispensers!
Our soap dispensers keep your sinks clean and free of scum, as well as providing customers and staff with readily-available hand cleansers and promoting good hand washing hygiene. 

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