Urinal screens can keep the men’s bathroom smelling better, longer. Smelly restrooms can cost your business more than you think they do. Put a stop to the stink with urinal screens from Specialty Mat.

Our urinal screens come in a range of scents, each option designed to suit your business’s preference. Keeping your restrooms smelling great is easy, better, and effective!

Top-Notch Protection

Specialty Mat gives you the complete, effective solution for your odor control and restroom upkeep needs:

High-quality, Low-maintenance Odor Control

Urinal screens are your best protection against bad odors and drain clogging. They effectively filter out large debris from falling into the drain, while filtering out the stench as well. They can go up to a month without replacement, helping keep your restrooms smelling fresher with less effort from you.

Easy-to-install and Replace

Urinal screens are made for the busiest facilities of them all. Their easy-install and easy-replace design is your best option for keeping your restroom urinals clean and fresh.

Professional Facility Service

Specialty Mat provides convenient and consistent access to your urinal screen supply. We ensure on-time, accurate deliveries, and easy transactions so you can forego last-minute shopping trips or risk smelly restrooms.

Specialty Mat Makes It Easy

Who has time for restroom upkeep while running a business full-time? Between turning leads into sales and keeping your employees happy, no one has the time to keep track of restroom supplies inventory! That’s why you can trust Specialty Mat will get the job done.

We’ll make sure that you always have enough of your supplies. Additionally, we provide on-time, accurate deliveries, efficient inventory management support, and the most accommodating service experts.

Specialty Mat gets everything done – easily, conveniently, and excellently.

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