Anti-fatigue mats are the answer to strain and injury for many industries. If employees stand in one place for long periods of time, they’re putting pressure on their muscles and joints. In the short term, that kind of constant pressure is tiring and uncomfortable. Long term, that pressure can cause damage and injury. 

Anti-fatigue mats keep this from happening by softening the contact your employees have with the ground. When the standing surface is hard and inflexible, that hardness is felt in the feet, legs, and back. To compensate for that constant hard-exposure, the body unconsciously does a number of things to soften the experience. Locking the knees, tightening muscle groups, and slouching are some common reactions, just to name a few. 

The Science Is In: Anti-Fatigue Mats Work

According to a study conducted by Loughborough University in England, anti-fatigue mats significantly reduce strain and tiredness in employees. Though jobs requiring physical tasks are more strenuous overall, any position that requires standing can benefit. Desk workers, doormen, line workers, security guards, and more can all benefit from an anti-fatigue mat!

Quality and Care Matters for Anti-Fatigue Mats

It might be tempting to rush out to the nearest store to purchase anti-fatigue mats, but hold on! There are a few factors to consider when purchasing an anti-fatigue mat. 

How much are you willing to spend? – Quality matters a lot with anti-fatigue mats. The better the quality, the better the job it will do, the longer it will last, and the better it will look. 

Will you be able to care for and clean it? – Even if you splurge on a high-quality anti-fatigue mat, without proper care, it won’t last very long. Time, use, and dirt will eventually degrade the mat. Once degraded, it loses its traction, it’s softness, and its benefits. That means you’re either going back to the store or a bare floor. 

Why not have somebody else take care of your mat needs? 

Speciality Mat Is Your Anti-Fatigue Mat Expert

Nobody is better equipped to supply, monitor, and mend your anti-fatigue mats than Specialty Mat. When you rent through us, not only is the quality of your mat ensured, but the condition is too. We don’t let our mats get dirty or worn down. When we notice them doing either, it’s taken care of before you’ll even notice. 

For more information on our anti-fatigue mats or rental programs, give us a call at 800-941-MATS, visit our website, or ask about a free quote