Mat Rentals

Nearly 200 Styles of Mats!

Our variety of mats accommodate you, your employees, and customers from the front door to all throughout your facility.

Angled Mats

Designed to provide a smoother transition to raised entry platforms, allowing mobility-limited individuals easier access.

Customized Dimensions

No matter what size or specifications, we can accommodate your floor mat needs.

Specifically fashioned for your doorway or vestibule, these mats use tough bristles to adequately rid shoes of dirt, snow, and other undesirable substances.

Use our multifaceted comfort mats for changing rooms, food preparation areas, and more! These mats are durable, safe from slipping, and anti-fungal treated.

Our airflex mats contour to your foot for maximum comfort. The durable design takes the strain out of standing, and makes any workstation more conducive to increased productivity.

Client Testimonials


Why Mats?

Yes, it’s true. We live in a society where image reigns, and customers make first impressions at the front door. Studies show that 91% of consumers choose a store because of its appearance. Image is huge, especially in the retail business.

Here’s how your mat plan fits into your image-enhancing strategy:

While mats can’t stop all the dirt, dust, and moisture from getting inside, they prevent as much as 80% of it from tracking into your building. A high quality mat reduces daily cleaning expenses and increases floor life.

Floor mats are a cost effective way to promote your business by increasing brand awareness, customer confidence, and improving overall safety. With endless customizations available, we’ll help you create a mat that fits your specific style!

We offer a wide variety of mats that will improve customer comfort while also providing clear walkways to keep customers safe and in proper areas.

Don’t wait for an accident to happen! Get the proper floor mats to prevent slip and fall accidents.