Mops & Towels

Our wide selection of mops meet the needs of various floor types and environments.

There is the right mop for the job you need, and our experts will help you pick the best one for your business. You can purchase or rent mops, so you will always have one on hand.

Having the right equipment at your disposal is the beginning of any task. Our representatives know what tools you’ll need for any cleaning situation your business will face. Let us guide you to worry-free maintenance!

The different features of a mop can make it the right tool for the job. The most suitable yarn, yarn ply, style, twist, headband, size, and backing material will make the job that much easier.

When you rent mops from us, we will ensure they are disinfected properly with no chance of germ spreading. You may also purchase mops at premium and economy prices.


Clean, reusable towels are convenient, money saving, and environmentally friendly.

In a world where more and more products are being produced for one-time use, we are offering a way to be more ecologically sound. Towel rental is a great way to offer the comfort of soft, clean towels for your clients to use. Aside from preserving the environment, our towel service provides a more economical way of stocking your restrooms, locker rooms, or any other work space.

Our blend of polyester and cotton make a very absorbent towel that suits many different places of business. Give us a try to increase employee and clientele happiness while decreasing costs!

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