Paper Towel & Restroom Product Services

The state of your restroom says a lot about your business

Let us equip your restroom with the latest hands-free technology and an economical way to supply your bathrooms with the products they need. The better your restroom is kept up, the better your customer retention will be.

Restroom Solutions

We provide a complete line of convenience products to keep your restrooms clean and your customers content with their restroom experience:

  • Mountable hand care systems
  • Heavy duty hand cleansers
  • Toilet seat cleansers
  • Air freshener systems
  • Toilet tissue
  • Urinal screens
  • Hand towels dispensers
  • Toilet tissue dispensers
  • Soap dispensers

Hands-Free Technology

A trip to the bathroom can be a pleasant or traumatizing experience. Hands-free technology is a wonderful innovation. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing they are less likely to contact harmful germs on their trip to your bathroom.

Automatic touchless air fresheners

  • A must in your restroom arsenal
  • Automatically releases odor counteractants at fixed intervals
  • Attractive design
  • Saves effort and time and gives your restroom the final touch

Maintenance-free touchless flushing systems

  • Germ free operation
  • Economic, water saving alternative
  • Reduces flush valve maintenance
  • Elegant styling

Touchless soap dispenser

  • Drastically reduces cross contamination of germs
  • Durable, dependable, secure
  • Non-dripping technology
  • Easy maintenance

Elegant touchless faucets

  • Your perfect alternative to traditional faucets
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Economic, water conserving option
  • Refined design

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