There’s a unique and unspeakable kind of dread that comes from the sight of an empty toilet tissue dispenser. Don’t let that happen to your clients and employees! Keep up with your tissue supply easily with Specialty Mat Services.

Specialty Mat brings you quality and convenience with our restroom supply service:

High-quality Toilet Tissue for Your Business

Don’t leave a bad impression on your clients with scratchy, paper-thin tissue! With Specialty Mat’s tissue supply, you can always expect high-quality, multi-ply tissue that is as soft as it is absorbent.

Sleek Dispeners Match Your Restroom Aesthetics

Specialty Mat’s toilet tissue service also comes with a dispenser option. Our selection of dispensers is as stylish as it is functional, housing your tissue conveniently and sanitarily while seamlessly blending into existing aesthetics.

Supply Maintenance with Specialty Mat

Shortages and supply delays will be a thing of the past with Specialty Mat’s toilet tissue supply service! Our efficient supply management and delivery systems make sure your products come on time and always inadequate supply.

The Best Way to Maintain Your Restroom’s Toilet Tissue

Poorly maintained restrooms bring businesses down. They ruin customer experiences which in turn ruins their likelihood of ever coming back for repeat business. It also raises your chances of getting a bad review online and being badmouthed to their friends.  

Don’t let that happen to your business! Specialty Mat’s restroom products service is here to help. More than the top-notch products, Specialty Mat is here to secure your restroom supplies. Last-minute grocery runs and poor restroom maintenance will be a thing of the past. With the help of Specialty Mat, you’ll be looking at a future where no dispenser runs empty.

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