toilet seat cleansers

Put the rest in the restroom and put your customers’ minds at ease with safe, effective, and easily accessible toilet seat cleansers only from Specialty Mat!

Specialty Mat’s exceptional service and products go beyond floor care; our restroom facility services are just as good!

Toilet Seat Cleansers for All Kinds of Businesses

Win more customers by going the extra mile to ensure their comfort. Equip your restrooms with toilet seat cleaners from Specialty Mats:

  • Cleansers that are tough on germs but gentle on people. These are toilet seats that your customers can trust! As tough as they are in cleaning, they pose no threat to the skin and don’t come with uncomfortable, strong, or toxic odors.
  • Effective disinfecting power. Our toilet seat cleansers are designed to kill most pathogens that are commonly found in public restrooms, especially toilet seats. These include disease-causing pathogens found in fecal matter.
  • Automatic re-supply and maintenance by Specialty Mat. Specialty Mat ensures that you will never run empty on your toilet seat cleanser supply. Our services include regular replenishment as well as maintenance of your cleanser dispensers to make sure that your restrooms are always in super condition.

Making Your Restrooms Better and Safer

Restroom condition is one of the biggest sources of complaints customers have against businesses – and one of the easiest ways to lose returning customers. Additionally, dirty restrooms are not just disgusting, but outright dangerous, posing the threat of spreading diseases.

Don’t let your business’s restrooms fall into neglect. Protect your brand. Protect your customers and give them the gift of peace of mind. For this reason, your bathroom needs the right materials. 

Our restroom facility supply services make this easy with high quality supplies, reliable maintenance and resupply services, and the friendliest employees who stay on top of your concerns and needs.  

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