Mountable Hand Care Systems

Raise the standards of cleanliness in your facility, without high costs or hassle with mountable hand care systems from Specialty Mat Services.

Better Hand Hygiene Solutions for Your Business

In this day and age, you can never be too safe or too clean. That’s why we’ve designed our hand care system program to match your business’s needs for improved hygiene!

  • Top-Notch Dispenser Design. Casual, formal, or a little bit of both? We have dispensers for that! Our selection of mountable hand hygiene dispensers come in sleek, attractive designs that will fit seamlessly into your existing aesthetics.
  • Wide Range of Solutions for All of Your Needs. Our mountable hand care systems offer options in soaps, sanitizers, and different types of dispensers including the safer, more sanitary touchless options.
  • Ideal for Use in Any Commercial or Industrial Workplace. We have hand hygiene solutions for all types of businesses across many different industries.  
  • Convenient to Use, Easy to Maintain. Our hand care system is a complete service intended to help you cut back on the hassle and the long-term costs of providing hand sanitation products for your restrooms and washing areas. With automatic supply replenishment and maintenance services, high-quality product selection, and reliable customer service, Specialty Mat gives you satisfaction in the most convenient way.

Helping You Take Care of Your Business

Keeping your facility safe and hygienic is a non-negotiable, but the added burden that usually comes with that is not. Our goal is to help you increase protection but decrease hassle and the usual unnecessary costs that come with hand care maintenance.

At Specialty Mat, we make sure that every element of your hand care system is taken care of. We help you assess the best placement to make sure you get the accessibility and result that you need.

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