air freshener systems

Nobody likes a smelly commercial restroom! Fix your facility’s odor issues fast with the help of Specialty Mat.

Specialty Mat offers complete air freshener systems for commercial restrooms. Our service comes with a wide selection of scents, dispensers, and an efficient supply management system.  

High-Quality Air Freshener Systems for Your Business

With better options and even better service, Specialty Mat air freshener systems help you boost and freshen up your facility and your brand:

  • Outstanding Products. Specialty Mats provides you with a wide selection of high-quality air fresheners and dispensers. We have air freshener systems for restrooms and other areas in your facility. With sleek, discreet dispenser designs and different scents to choose from, you’ll get consistently fresh and clean results.
  • Convenient Supply System. Our service comes with a convenient supply replenishment system. We stay up-to-date on your supply, making sure you always have an ample supply on hand. 

Bettering Your Facility with Specialty Mat

Specialty Mat understands the importance of clean commercial restrooms in any business. Our commercial restroom services and air freshener systems are designed to provide complete solutions for your odor control needs.

Our air freshener system suits different types of business – no matter your existing aesthetics or the size of your facility.

With fast, on-time deliveries, outstanding products, and an efficient supply management system, Specialty Mat makes sure you are always on top of your game. Even your busiest days will never get in the way of keeping your facility clean, fresh, and impressive.

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