Hand towel dispensers offer the hand-drying solution you need in your business. Sleek design meets full functionality meets convenience with Specialty Mat’s hand towel dispenser service! Upgrading your handwashing areas has never been this easy or convenient.

Ease, convenience, and quality – get all these and more from your Specialty Mat hand towel dispensers!

High-quality Hand Towel Dispensers 

Busy days have nothing on our towel dispensers! Specialty Mat works with some of the best brands in the industry to bring you towel dispensers that meet your needs and exceed your expectations on quality, durability, and overall reliability.

Sleek Design to Fit Any Aesthetic

Our towel dispensers come in a sleek, classic design that will fit with your current aesthetics. Whether your business has contemporary appeal or leans on the traditional, our dispensers are chameleons to your wants. 

Compatible With Any Room in Your Business

Pantry? Kitchen? Restrooms? Washing stations? Specialty Mat’s towel dispensers belong everywhere you need them to be! They are easy to install, easy to maintain, and even easier to refill.

Cost-effective, Sanitary Hand Towel Solution

Our hand towel dispensers are more than convenient and effective solutions to your business’s hand hygiene needs. They are also designed to help you keep the costs down with more regulated hand towel dispensing. 

Special Mat: Reliable Solutions

Reliable, high-quality solutions to your restroom maintenance needs should not cost you your convenience, peace of mind, or bank. Special Mat can prove that!

Our curated selection of restroom supply products boasts of excellent quality and durability. You can trust that they will withstand the demands of everyday and long-term use.

And because we specialize in conveniencing our customers, we make sure that everything you need for your service is cared for. We’re also just a call away for anything else.

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