Mat Rental Collection

Nearly 200 Styles of Mats!

Our mat rental collection offers clients a wide variety of products, each tailored toward specific situations and needs. We offer:

Classic Mats

Protect your floor with a mat that accents the room’s ambiance. This is the most tried-and-true item in our mat rental collection that ensures optimum coverage wherever you need it!

Brush and Scraper Mats

Specifically fashioned for your doorway or vestibule, these mats use tough bristles to adequately rid shoes of dirt, snow, and other undesirable substances.

Logo, Message, and Designation Mats

Help keep your floors clean, cut down on custodial costs, and keep your employees and customers safe. Brandish your company’s logo or warm up your clients with welcoming words by personalizing your floor mat.

Comfort Mats

Use our multifaceted comfort mats for changing rooms, food preparation areas, and more! These mats are durable, safe from slipping, and anti-fungal treated.

Airflex (Anti-Fatigue) Mats

Our airflex mats contour to your foot for maximum comfort. The durable design takes the strain out of standing and makes any workstation more conducive to increased productivity.

Customized Dimensions

No matter what size or specifications, we can accommodate your floor mat needs.

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