Give your workers and customers the best protection against accidents while showing off your brand with customized dimensions from Specialty Mat Services!

We offer only the highest quality floor mats designed for the demands of commercial and industrial spaces. Only the best pass our very high standards of durability, comfort, and safety. That’s security that you can count on.  

Customized Dimensions for All Businesses

No matter what size or specifications, we can accommodate your floor mat needs. All of our mat options are:

Durable. Our mats withstand heavy foot traffic and repeated washing, and are designed to go the distance without curling or thinning.

Safe. Our floor mats come with high-traction backing to prevent slip and fall accidents. This keeps both employees and customers safe.

Hygienic. Floor mats help prevent germs and other pathogens from entering your facility. 

Ideal for all-around use. Use our customized mats anywhere in your business! We’ll make them fit your specific needs.

Specialty Mat Services: Your Best Mat Rental Provider

Specialty Mat Services has everything you need from a mat rental service provider. We have an excellent selection of floor mats designed for use in different types of businesses. Plus, our team of floor matting experts ensures each item you get is in top condition for your safety and satisfaction.

We understand that every business is different, and that you might need to customize your floors mat to fit your specific needs. That’s why we offer floor mat solutions designed to fit any business. No matter what size or specifications, we can accommodate your floor mat needs!

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