Using logo mats is a great way to protect and promote your business. 

By itself, having a high-quality mat is an effective way to invite your customers in. It offers comfort, security, and concern for their well-being. A high-quality mat that does all of that while also boasting your logo, might as well hand out contracts.

Every Kind of Mat, Made Yours

No matter what design you want on your logo mat, Specialty Mat has the knowledge and facilities to personalize it to your business’s needs. Additionally, if you need an area mat, comfort mat, scraper mat, or any other mat, you can count on us.

There’s nothing like a positive first impression. Having quality mats with your company’s name and logo to meet your clients is a wonderful way to make it happen. 

Professional-Grade Service

With Specialty Mat Service, there will never be a question of quality or your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on long-term, continued business, and that doesn’t happen if clients aren’t consistently pleased. 

Additionally, if you work with Specialty Mat Services, you’ll be treated with the same care and dedication as our first customer. No mat need is too large or demanding for our facilities to handle with quality, on time. 

The Specialty Mat Services Difference

Our specialized experience is your expertise. Other rental services might offer mats management as an additional service to linens or uniforms, but that’s what it is, an additional service. They don’t have the same depth of experience and knowledge of your business’s needs. 

If you want the right logo mats in the right place in your business without having to worry about them getting worn down, dirty, or forgotten, Specialty Mat Services is your logo mat needs answer. Give us a call at 800-941-MATS, or visit us at