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dirty floors endanger employees

How Dirty Floors Endanger Employees and Customers 

Did you know that dirty floors endanger employees and customers? They are not only unsightly and a poor representation of your brand. Dirty floors are one of the biggest culprits for slip-and-fall accidents in commercial facilities. In fact, dirty and unkempt floors and bad flooring materials send over 2 million people to the ER every […]

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how mat service works

How Mat Service Works: Specialty Mat

Worried about slip-and-fall accidents, expensive floor repairs, or out-of-control allergies? Mats are a preventative solution to each of these problems! However, finding the right mats is harder than you might think. Store-bought items can be of substandard quality and will degrade quickly without proper maintenance. That means your most reliable option would be mat service […]

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floor mat service

Floor Mat Service Excellence with Specialty Mat

Floor mat service from a professional like Speciality Mat can greatly improve business appearance and safety. From keeping your floors clean to lowering slip and fall hazards, the right floor mats can do wonders for your business. In Illinois, there is only one floor mat service expert you can trust for your biggest floor mat […]

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how to clean business mats

How to Regularly Clean and Maintain Mats in Your Business

There is no denying the importance of proper floor mats in keeping your business clean, safe, and appealing. If there is one thing more important than actually getting the floor mats, it’s keeping them in their best condition with proper cleaning and upkeep.

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business hand care important

The Importance of Quality Hand Care for Your Business

How important is quality hand care for your business? If the restrooms and wash stations at your business are in need of an upgrade, read on. There’s much to learn about why quality hand care is not just nice, but absolutely essential.

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Business Matting

Quality Business Mats Every Business Needs

Do you have the right mats for your business? Would you call them quality business mats?  Different mats serve different purposes – and some are better suited for your needs than others. There’s no point in wasting money on poor quality mats or picking the ones that look the best against your business’s aesthetics. Quality […]

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