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Floor mat service from a professional like Speciality Mat can greatly improve business appearance and safety. From keeping your floors clean to lowering slip and fall hazards, the right floor mats can do wonders for your business. In Illinois, there is only one floor mat service expert you can trust for your biggest floor mat needs: Specialty Mat Services!

We offer more than just on-time delivery of your floor mat needs.

Tailor-Made Floor Mat Service Solutions

Your unique service needs deserve unique, tailor-made solutions. That’s exactly what we do here at Specialty Mat Services. More than just bringing you a generic selection of floor mats, we help you get mats that fit your needs to a T.

It’s more than just getting your floor mats customized to the size you need. Our floor mat rental service is flexible to accommodate your facility’s most unique needs. Talk to our in-house experts today to find the best way to keep your floors cleaner, safer, and better!

Top-Notch Floor Mat Selection

Nothing trumps quality. That’s why we put the highest premium on the quality of the floor mats that we offer. From the most basic entrance mats to specialized floor mats, you can expect nothing but the best from Specialty Mat.

It all starts with our strict quality control protocol. Our multi-level inspection ensures that every area of the floor mat meets our standards on appearance and overall quality. We repeat the same strict inspection every time we process floor mats for maintenance. This is the way we can ensure the quality of your mats, from the very first delivery to your latest. Quality, after all, is nothing without consistency.

Incomparable Mat Service Excellence

One of the most important hallmarks of our integrity and reliability as a company is our service. From maintenance to handling to pricing, you can trust quality at every stage. For one, we use the latest in mat maintenance technology to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of your products. Second, we have a strict process that ensures efficiency. You can always expect our deliveries to come on-time and accurately. We do this to ensure that your mat needs do not interrupt your operations.

We use the same efficient system with our invoices. With Specialty Mat, you can expect full transparency and integrity in our billing. No surprise fees, dubious articles, or vague sections. It’s as straightforward as it can possibly be, leaving you with nothing to doubt or worry about.

At the core of this is simplicity. We only want to deliver quality service, after all. We believe that keeping things as simple and as seamless as possible is an integral part of that.

At Specialty Mat Services, It’s Always Personal

More than anything else, and on top of everything that we offer, Specialty Mat Services is all about personal service. We treat you like family. We handle your needs as if they were our own. That is why we always keep our communication lines open and accessible. You can come to us for anything, at any time. Our dedicated, in-house experts will make sure to attend to your needs as promptly as possible.

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