The Importance of Quality Hand Care for Your Business

business hand care important

How important is quality hand care for your business? If the restrooms and wash stations at your business are in need of an upgrade, read on. There’s much to learn about why quality hand care is not just nice, but absolutely essential.

Safety and Hygiene

In 2018, common communicable illnesses (i.e. coughs and colds) accounted for 27.2% of all sick days. These are the exact same illnesses that are preventable by better hygiene – an important component of which is hand hygiene.  

No matter what business or industry you’re in, the importance of hand hygiene can never be underestimated. A stable supply of hand care products translates to better hand hygiene. Additionally, it makes for cleaner and safer workplaces, healthier employees, and higher productivity.

Reputation for Cleanliness

The condition of your business space speaks volumes about your brand. And whether we, business owners like it or not, we get judged a little too harshly and sometimes unfairly for it. For instance, a poor restroom can cause you to lose 75% of return customers. Low-quality restrooms earn a bad reputation for the rest of your business that no amount of good customer service or outright good service can salvage.

And it doesn’t take much to lose customers due to less-than-stellar restroom upkeep. Lack of toilet paper products and hand soaps (or the poor quality thereof) can all turn away customers.

Having high-quality hand care services for your business means securing the cleanliness of your business and cleaning up your business’s image. As simple as they are, their impact on your customers’ perception of your brand is immense. It makes you look like you care about their welfare, like you have everything under control, that no detail is ever too small for you to miss, and that you run a good, attentive, and clean business. In this business and social climate, it can mean the difference between staying afloat and going under.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

Speaking of the current business climate, it goes without saying that the pandemic has changed the way we do business. For those whose businesses rely on physical presence – both that of your employees and clients – it is important to fortify your defenses against communicable diseases. A stable supply of hand care and hygiene products helps you achieve that goal.

Aside from heavy and constant disinfection, giving employees and clients the means to keep their hands clean is covering all of your bases effectively.

Quality Hand Care Products and Quality Supply Services

To secure your business’s hand hygiene products, you’ll need to partner with a company that has:

  • The right products
  • The capacity to meet your supply demands
  • The reputation for reliable, on-time service

When the welfare of your business, your clients, and your employees are what stands on the line, you can’t entrust something this important to just anyone. You need a partner who knows exactly what items you need and brings them to you in one high-quality, efficient, and convenient bundle.

Specialty Mat has You Covered!

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