How Dirty Floors Endanger Employees and Customers 

dirty floors endanger employees

Did you know that dirty floors endanger employees and customers? They are not only unsightly and a poor representation of your brand. Dirty floors are one of the biggest culprits for slip-and-fall accidents in commercial facilities. In fact, dirty and unkempt floors and bad flooring materials send over 2 million people to the ER every year.

Dirty Floors Endanger Employees and Customers in Commercial Facilities: Facts and Figures

Slip-and-fall accidents are as dangerous as they are expensive. And these statistics will prove that they are bad for business, as well:

How to Make Your Floors Cleaner and Safer for Employees and Customers

The most common causes of same-level falls are poor flooring design, clutter, matting, and spills. Now that you know how dirty floors endanger employees and customers, here’s how you can prevent them:

Clean Regularly and Efficiently

Keeping your floors clean is not only a matter of hygiene, it is also a safety issue. It is important to be more conscientious about the frequency and quality of your cleaning efforts. Make sure to completely wipe away any spills and rid your floors of any form of clutter.  Make sure, too, to isolate and clearly mark any wet areas until it’s completely safe.

Keep Up with Floor Safety Requirements

The type and design of your flooring are also essential in safety. Make sure that your floors are up to safety standards. This means that your floors should be even throughout, with no sudden rises, falls, or obscure obstructions. Make sure to clearly mark any level changes.

Equip Your Floors for Optimum Safety

Matting is one of your best defenses against same-level fall accidents. They provide added traction and prevent any dust, mud, or moisture from getting onto your floors. But floor mats can also pose a risk. Poor-quality or poorly maintained floor mats can become slipping hazards. Old mats, which tend to bunch up, are also tripping-and-falling hazards. Make sure that your floor mats are well-maintained, regularly cleaned, and come with adequate traction.

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