No janitorial supply is complete without quality wet mops. With how vital mopping is to a building’s cleanliness, there’s simply no replacement for a clean supply of wet mops. No matter the skill of your cleaning professional, a low-quality mop will not do a good job.

Between streaking, uneven friction, and irregular sizes, there’s many problems with low-quality wet mops. Specialty Mat has the supply and top-notch customer service to make your wet mop worries a thing of the past. 

Here’s what to expect from wet mops supplied by Specialty Mat:

Wet Mop Variety for Every Task

No matter the need or preference of your cleaning professional, Specialty Mat has the supply to satisfy. 

– Yarn Mops

Yarn mops are a classic favorite. Sometimes a simple clean is all you need. With great feel and dust-capturing abilities, there’s no going wrong with yarn mops from Specialty Mat. 

– Infinity Twist

For a more modern approach to floor cleaning, the infinity twist mop head offers expertly constructed, high-quality material. Designed to grip dirt in every nook and cranny, nothing escapes the long grasp of our infinity twist mops. 

– Various Size

No matter the size of the floors of your business, Specialty Mat has a variety of mop sizes to fit your needs. A mop that’s too big is cumbersome to use, and one that’s too small is inefficient. The right balance is difficult to find, but Specialty Mat is here to help! 

Quality Craftsmanship for Efficiency 

An old or low-quality mop head brings nothing good to the table. Between inefficient dirt pick-up and harboring bacteria and mold, old, cheap mop heads can be dirty and dangerous. For the health of your employees and customers, only quality, professionally-constructed and cared for mop heads should be used. 

Professional Cleaning and Repair Services

One of the best things about using high-quality mop heads is their reusability. The one caveat to reusing quality mop heads is that they need to be to be properly cleaned. Only a professional service with the right equipment and knowledge is ready to clean and manage mops for longevity. 

Specialty Mat is Your Ready, Quality Mop Supply Manager

If you’re ready to put your mop inventory concerns to rest, give Specialty Mat a call at (800) 941-MATS. Contact us here for more information.