Frustrated with your current towel service provider? Tired of the cost and effort that comes with maintaining your towel supply? Let go of that worry with professional towel service from Specialty Mat.  

Focus on the business. We’ll take care of the towels. 

Excellent Towels, Every Time

Specialty Mat is your local partner and authority in reliable, excellent towel rental service. With Specialty Mat, you can always expect:

  • Cleanliness. Specialty Mat uses some of the best in laundry care technology and upholds the highest standards in cleanliness and safety to make sure that every towel that ends up in your possession is clean and ready to use.
  • High Quality Products. We have a selection of high-quality polyester-cotton blends that are as pleasant to use as they are durable. These hardy linens are designed to last through hard-hitting and repeated washings, giving you more value out of your investment.
  • Convenience. Keep your towel supply steady without the workload or the inconvenience. Specialty Mat allows you to focus on the important matters without jeopardizing the quality or cleanliness of your supplies.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Our towel rental program helps you save on the costs of having bulk towel purchase, and repair and replacement costs. Reusable towels are also cheaper per usage than single-use towels, leaving you with countless savings opportunities in the long run.
  • Green Policies. Towel rental services not only help you save on costs; they also help minimize your waste compared to using single-use disposable towels.

Ideal for a Variety of Businesses

If your daily operations require towels, Specialty Mat’s towel rental service is for you. Whether you’re running a high-end gym for 500 or a small office of 20, we have the materials and infrastructure to deliver. We have designed our towel rental services for performance and value. With our high-quality products, fast turnaround, and cleanliness standards, your satisfaction is just a phone call away. 

Work With the Professional Towel Service Specialists!

Finding a professional towel service partner that you can truly rely on is hard to come by. Let the towel experts at Specialty Mats take care of your towel service needs.

Give us a call today at 800-941-MATS or leave us a message here to learn more about us and our products and services. Start with a free quote!