Facility care and cleanliness are always important. However, Illinois businesses need a lot of tools for the right results. With the full gambit of snow, mud, heatwaves, floods, and more, there are many opportunities for interior damage and degradation. The right mat, mop, and facility service in Illinois will provide year-round protection from both the elements and internal issues such as spills and dust buildup. One provider stands out in this regard:

Specialty Mat Offers the Most Reliable Mat, Mop, and Facility Service in Illinois

Specialty Mat is the leading provider of mat, mop, and facility service in Illinois. Our dedicated team and high-quality products ensure the results Illinois businesses need! We offer:

Mat Rental Service

We’ve earned the name Specialty Mat by providing sturdy, reliable products and maintaining their lifespans ourselves. Each product will withstand heavy, repeated use and prevent the outside from tracking in. We offer nearly 200 different styles with their own unique functions such as comfort, anti-fatigue, and slip-and-fall protection!

Mop and Towel Rental

Specialty Mat offers mops to add to our clients’ floor care options with coverage beyond the mats! Our mops are sturdy and will clean just about anything with minimal effort required. They are absorbent and are made with sustainable materials that ensure long lifespans.

Customized Mats

Our mats service a variety of functions which makes them useful beyond the entrance or exit. They are highly customizable and can be placed anywhere our clients deem fit. They can even display custom imagery for branding or instructional purposes!

Paper and Restroom Services

Specialty Mat consistently stocks our clients’ restrooms with all the essentials. This includes paper towels, toilet paper, air fresheners, dispensers, and more!

Locations We Serve

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