Where to Put Mats in Your Business 

  • June 22, 2022
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where to put mats in business

Knowing where to put mats in your business gives you the maximum benefit of high-quality commercial floor mats.

Knowing the Right Spots: Placing Mats in a Business

Here are some tips to help you with mat placement for your business:

Equip Common, High-Traffic Areas with Floor Mats

These are the areas in business facilities, across locations and industries, where mats are a must:

  • Entryways. Foot traffic is responsible for up to  80% of the dust that enters your buildings. This makes entrance mats your facility’s first line of defense against dust and dirt. Entrance mats like scraper and brush mats come with abrasive surfaces that effectively remove and trap dirt and debris. Besides the functional design of your entrance mats, you also need to consider entryway coverage. For maximum floor protection, your entrance floor mats should cover a length of up to six footsteps. Translated to numbers, that’s about 12 to 15 feet of entrance mat coverage. In areas with heavier foot traffic, like hospitals, schools, or supermarkets, the coverage size should be higher.
  • Restrooms. When it comes to restroom floor mats, there are two main points to consider: hygiene and traction. Restroom floors’ constant exposure to excess moisture makes them both a slip-and-fall hazard and a haven for bacteria. And you need your floor mats to be able to combat both with equal efficiency.
  • Lobby and Reception Spaces. Floors do more than just hold up your business space on the structural level. Like every other part of your interiors, they can sway customer perception and affect their overall experience. Floors, after all, take up about half of the customers’ point of view. This makes floors prime real estate for making a first impression and advertising your brand. That is why your facility needs classic logo mats. They are a great, effortless tool to market your brand and tie in your floors with the rest of your interiors.

Identify Crucial Areas in Your Business That Require Floor Mats

No two businesses are ever exactly alike. This, too, holds true for floor mat requirements in a business. Some areas of your operations may require specialized floor mats more than others. These areas include:

  • Special Workspaces. These spaces, in particular, involve employees standing on their feet for hours on end. Workers in these areas are prone to lower back, legs, and feet strains. For these workstations (i.e., restaurant kitchens, production lines, reception desks), special anti-fatigue mats work best.
  • Industrial Workspaces. Areas where foot traffic and heavy machinery co-exist require special, heavy-duty industrial floor mats. These floor mats combine tough surfaces and high-traction backing, protecting both your employees and your floors.

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