How to Professionally Manage Healthcare Mats

manage healthcare mats

Unlike commercial floor mats, healthcare mats require more specialized care. For one, the floors of healthcare facilities are far dirtier than in other commercial spaces. Beyond dirt and dust, hospital floor mats are exposed to an abundance of dangerous pathogens – including antibiotic-resistant strains. They also have to contend with heavier foot traffic than those in use in commercial spaces. Any inadequacy in caring for or managing healthcare floor mats can seriously breach your infection control protocols. That is why you need to know how to professionally manage healthcare mats.

Professional Healthcare Mat Management Made Easy

Managing your healthcare floor mats better requires a combination of frequency, technique, and efficiency. Here’s how to get better results:

Replace Floor Mats Frequently

With the amount of foot traffic and pathogens in healthcare facilities, mats are saturated with dirt and contaminants more quickly. The longer they sit on the floors, the heavier the load of contaminants they can contain. That is why it is imperative to frequently replace your facility’s floor mats. Ideally, floor mats should be replaced once every 12-hour shift.

Provide Intensive, Hygienic Maintenance

Aside from replacing and washing frequently, your hospital floor mats should also be treated effectively. They should be disinfected using intense washing techniques and mat-friendly antibacterial chemicals. This ensures the proper and effective removal of pathogens that have saturated your hospital mats.

Secure Their Quality and Availability

Invest in the efficiency and dependability of your mat servicing, so you can ensure the availability and frequent cleaning of your floor mats. It goes without saying, however, knowing how to professionally manage healthcare mats is just the beginning. Mat care and management is no easy undertaking. It is time-consuming and has the potential to be costly, as well. Between running your healthcare facility and caring for your patients, there’s barely any room to care for your healthcare floor mats. 

That is why you need the support and expertise of professional mat services! And there’s one expert in professional mat rental service you can fully depend on: Specialty Mat Service!

The Easier Way to Professionally Manage Healthcare Mats

Specialty Mat Service is the mat rental expert that provides the best results for your healthcare mat management needs. With Specialty Mat Services, you can expect:

Superior Floor Mat Selections

We have a specialized selection of high-quality floor mats designed for use in healthcare facilities. They feature superior durability and high-traction backing for complete quality satisfaction.

Expert Mat Laundering

Specialty Mat Service uses advanced mat care techniques to ensure cleanliness and safety, meeting the highest healthcare industry standards.

Secure Deliveries

Specialty Mat Service gives you the assurance of on-time and accurate deliveries. No matter how big your mat needs are, we make sure that your products are there – in the condition and volume that you need when you need them. With Specialty Mat, mat shortage is the least of your worries!

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