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  • September 24, 2021
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Some mats are better than others. But when it comes to your business needs, you can’t settle for just “better”. You’ll need the best mats for businesses on the market; that is if you’re looking for mats that meet your every need.

However, the standard for what constitutes “the best” in commercial floor mats is not always clear-cut. And this has more to do with function suitability than anything else. You can’t just buy a single type of floor mat for your entire business space. You need the right mats to secure the functionality and the safety of your business space.

The Best Mats for Every Room in Your Business

The right floor mats can make all the difference in your business space, whether that means keeping your business clean or safe, maybe even both! Here are the best mats for businesses:

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are your business’ opening salvo. They need to make a great impression right off the bat. But they can’t just look good. Your entrance mats should also offer 100% protection against tracked-in dirt. And the amount of dirt that gets tracked inside your facility is no joke. Nearly two-thirds of the dust indoors are from the outdoors, mostly tracked in by shoes. Entrance mats are essential tools in keeping these at bay. The best entrance mats are ones that effectively scrape off the undersides of shoes.

Custom Logo Mats

Your floors are prime marketing spots in your business space. They take up a good chunk of your customers’ immediate line of vision. And high-quality custom logo mats are the best tools to take advantage of that.

Like all your other marketing materials, it should perfectly reflect the best of your brand. And we’re talking more than just slapping your logo on there. The graphics should be bold and of high graphic quality, for optimum visibility.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Employee comfort is essential to your employees’ satisfaction and your business operations. But not all anti-fatigue mats can handle the job with equal functionality. If you’re looking to see results in your employees’ comfort, you’ll need to invest in higher-quality mats that meet the highest standards of both comfort and durability.

Custom-Sized Mats

Sometimes, the best mats for businesses are just not on the shelf. And for that, you’ll need a solution tailor-made to fit your needs – and floors – to a tee. But “customized” doesn’t just cut it. You’ll need your mats to meet your standards of quality and functionality just as much.

Floor Mat Rentals Expertly Done

The most challenging part of maintaining your floors is knowing where to get mats and how to maintain them. That’s where commercial mat rental service comes in. With the right Illinois mat service company, your floor mat supply needs get the best solutions:

  • No upfront investments
  • Easy replacements
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Topnotch selections to choose from
  • Cost-efficient supply management

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