Manage Allergies in the Workplace with Mat Service

  • July 26, 2021
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Allergies seem impossible to escape and that’s why they are often ignored as an ordinary part of life. However, without mitigating their effects, allergies can get out of hand and cause problems that are easily avoided. 

The Damage Allergies Cause

Leaving allergies unchecked is detrimental to business and everyone involved in it in a number of ways. Here are the three most important impacts they cause:

Health Concerns

Workplace conditions that are conducive to allergies are generally unsanitary and pose their own health risks. However, allergies also worsen the effects of other medical conditions. Providing safe and healthy environments for staff should be of utmost importance to businesses, no matter their field. 

Lack of Focus

On top of being a health concern, allergies are incredibly distracting. When someone is chronically coughing or sneezing, they have a hard time focusing on anything other than their poor comfort or health. It is also a distraction for other staff working with or around them. Low focus levels at work are never a good thing but could pose their own health risks in more dangerous professions. 

Extra Expenses

Environments that cause allergies tend to be dusty and unkempt. This eventually leads to the degradation of floors and other surfaces. Floor repairs are significantly more expensive than cleaning or floor mats are.

Specialty Mat Will Help Manage Allergies in the Workplace

Specialty Mat has the mat service you need to manage allergies in the workplace. We tackle issues of health, focus, and profit loss with service that is:

  • Clean: Specialty Mat designs mats that excel at keeping your floors clean. Their strong, durable bristles keep the outside world from making its way into your business. As less dust, pollen, and other allergens enter the workplace, staff can rest easy knowing that they have a space away from their allergies. 
  • Well-Maintained: Our mats are built to last but we maintain them ourselves to ensure they stay that way. Our team of experienced specialists closely monitors each product to ensure that it meets our standards. If it doesn’t, we take care of it so smoothly and efficiently, our clients won’t even notice. We design this service to allow our clients to focus on what matters to them, after all. 
  • Flexible: Our mats are highly customizable and capable of fitting in a variety of locations. No matter the traffic, they are built to withstand it so that floors are maintained and allergies don’t spread. We can even put company logos on them for easy, affordable advertising!

Contact Specialty Mat Today!

Any business that needs to manage allergies in the workplace should reach out to Specialty Mat! Call us at (800) 941-6287 or contact us here for a free quote.

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