Why Mop and Towel Rental Beats Ownership

  • June 28, 2021
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When it comes to commercial mop and towel supplies, it’s easy to resign yourself to buying. Buying is quick and easy with no strings attached. It might even seem like the cheaper option.  

Problem is, it’s not cheap or quick; though it is easy.  Ownership is expensive, repetitive, and time-consuming, and here’s why it’s worth ditching:

The Benefits of Mop and Towel Rental for Your Business

A mop and towel rental service are easier and more beneficial than you think. Here are some of the reasons why:

Zero Upfront Investment

Mats and mops are not exactly the most expensive supplies in your business. Considering, however, how many mops and towels you go through in a year’s time – it all adds up. The numbers are far from loose change.

 A rental service saves you from that.

With mop and towel rentals, you pay a minimal rental fee that’s spread out throughout your contract period. This rental fee is only a fraction of the cost of a brand-new mop or towel. This frees up a big chunk of your budget that you’re better off investing elsewhere in your business.

Zero Maintenance

One other obvious benefit of renting is the lack of maintenance required. You can go through as many towels and as many mopheads as you need. You’ll never for one second have to worry about how to find time to clean them.

This is as beneficial to small businesses as it is to bigger businesses! Time is, after all, your most important commodity. A rental makes sure you never have to waste a second of it cleaning your dirty mopheads.

It also helps that mop and towel rentals take care of the condition of your items. Replacing them is the least of your worries because they will all be cared for by your provider. You can rest in the assurance that your items are always in their best condition and ready to use.

Zero Hassle with Securing Your Supply

Your business will go through multiple mops and towels on any given day. The busier your business is, the faster you’ll go through your supply. Owning your mops and towels means that you’ll have to take on the duty of making sure you always have enough supplies for your day-to-day operations.

Not with a rental. Renting your mops and towels means you have access to as many mops and towels as you need. This flexibility of supply frees you from all the hassles of securing your cleaning essentials. This, in turn, allows you to focus on the more important matters in your business.

Specialty Mat is Your Mat and Mop Service  Provider

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