Commercial Bathroom Ideas to Comfort Guests

  • April 18, 2021
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A commercial bathroom that isn’t comfortable won’t reflect well on the business. As transactional as bathrooms are, they are also very intimate. They are very personal spaces that, in a public space context, can be intimidating. More often than not though, commercial restrooms are off-putting. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t do much to change that bad rap.

This can negatively affect your business.  Poor bathroom maintenance ranks among chief customer complaints. You have everything to lose and nothing but a bad review to gain. That’s why you need to put a premium on your restroom upkeep. We’ve got some commercial bathroom ideas to comfort guests.

What Kind of Bathroom Ideas Comfort Guests

The first rule of proper commercial restroom care is this: treat your restrooms with as much care as customer-facing areas. You can’t have a fancy storefront but a smelly, unsettling restroom. This, however, requires more than just keeping your restrooms clean. Your restrooms have to look, smell, and feel as clean as they actually are. 

Here are some tips to achieve this:

1. Appeal to the senses. 

A visit to the restroom is a multi-sensory experience. Although customers spend no more than a minute inside, their senses remember everything far longer. This is particularly true about the sense of smell. This is something they’ll likely remember your business by. You don’t want their lingering memory to be that of the smell of urine or open sewers. Invest in better odor control solutions that provide high-quality scents with long-lasting effects.

2. Create an image that leaves no trace of doubt. 

Public restrooms’ greatest dangers are invisible. That, however, doesn’t mean that we don’t care about or get affected by what we do see. That’s why it’s important to create an appearance of cleanliness. This goes beyond keeping the floor tiles spotless and the walls free of stains. Good lighting plays an important role in making your bathrooms comfortable for your customers. Make sure that there are no dark and dingy areas in your bathroom. Pick bright, white lights over dim ones to create an ambiance of trustworthiness. It shows that you have nothing to hide, and it increases customer confidence.  

3. Keep a fully stocked restroom. 

As you know by now, what constitutes clean restrooms is really more than just keeping the surfaces stain-free. In short, true cleanliness is more than just skin-deep. A truly clean and comfortable restroom is one that is fully stocked. It’s more than just a matter of convenience. Keeping well-stocked dispensers conveys an image of concern for your customers’ needs and attention to detail. Make sure to stock up on your toilet paper, hand towels, and hand hygiene essentials.

4. Put a premium on safety. 

Keeping your restrooms clean and comfortable also means keeping them safe. This includes both hygienic and physical safety. While cleaning and disinfecting takes care of the former, the latter involves a simple but all-crucial safety tool: restroom mats. Your restroom mats should feature high traction, good backing, good crush resistance, and most importantly, consistent cleanliness.

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