Types of Cushioned Work Floor Mats

  • October 07, 2020
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Cushioned Work Floor Mats

Deciding which cushioned work floor mats are right for your business? Choices are good until there are too many of them. And this is likely the case with cushioned work floor mats. A simple Google search on the matter predictably ends up in a barrage of options, models, and brands.

How do you know which type works best for your brand? Specialty Mat is here to help!

Cushioned Work Floor Mats 101

Most cushioned floor mats are categorized based on the type of material and cushioning in them. The most common and popular options are:

  • Rubber Mats
  • Foam Mats
  • Gel Mats

The level of comfort that each type of cushioned floor mat has varies. Ideally, these differences are so small and negligible at best. They are all designed to provide comfort for different facilities throughout the long, grueling hours of working on one’s feet. Naturally, differences in brands affect quality, but the idea remains the same. 

How Cushioned Floor Mats Work

Cushioned floor mats are designed to achieve a couple of things. One, they provide a soft layer between the feet and the hard flooring. Second, the cushioning helps promote micro-movements in the feet and the lower limbs. These micro-movements help distribute the weight and pressure on multiple areas of the feet. This helps reduce pain and strain. Additionally, these micro-movements keep the blood circulation going which further helps reduce strain on the feet and the lower limbs.

Does Your Facility Need Cushioned Work Floor Mats?

If you have workers that have to work on their foot for hours every shift, cushioned, anti-fatigue floor mats are a necessity. These mats, of course, do not function as an alternative to periodic breaks and sitting. They work to make your employees comfortable for the period that they spend working on their feet. That, and helping them prevent the long-term effects of lower limb strain.

These areas need cushioned floor mats the most:

  • Reception Areas
  • Cashiers and Checkouts
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Manufacturing Workstations
  • Hospitals
  • Stores

Getting the Right Floor Mats for Your Facility

The right cushioned mat can make a world of difference in your facility’s productivity and your employees’ wellbeing. To get the most results out of your cushioned mats inventory, it is imperative that you get mats that meet these basic requirements:

  • Quality construction. Materials don’t matter as much as the quality and durability of the construction of your floor mats. Get your mats only from service providers that can secure the durability and quality of your floor mats.
  • Launderability and ease of maintenance. Whether you choose to maintain your cushioned floor mats or leave them to a commercial floor mat rental service provider, the maintainability of your floor mats is essential. If you are using the mats for something where cleanliness is essential, like a laboratory, operating theatre, or kitchen, mats with anti-bacterial features are ideal.
  • High traction. Comfort and ergonomics should not mean putting safety on the backburner. In fact, safety and comfort should go hand-in-hand. Your cushioned mat of choice should not only protect your lower limbs from muscle strain. They should also protect your employees against slip and fall accidents.

Specialty Mat: The Floor Mat Expert

Your cushioned mat needs are best in the care of experts like Specialty Mat! Contact us today at (800) 941-MATS to learn more about our anti-fatigue mats for businesses and how we can help make your floors more ergonomic.


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