Dangers of Dust and How Mats Manage Dust for Businesses

  • October 01, 2020
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Dust control management

Dust. Nobody likes it. And yet, dust is everywhere. As hard as it is to manage dust in households, it’s even tougher to manage dust in businesses. I

Dust Management is Necessary

No matter which industry you are in, we can all agree that dust is an unwelcome presence in our business spaces – and for a number of good reasons!

Dangers of Dust

From health hazards to damage to your equipment, these are the risks that dust brings to businesses:

  • Bad for your brand’s image. Nobody likes a dirty business. Dust accumulation makes your business space look dirty and unkempt. And this turns off customers. Customers are more likely to skip returning to a business when it is dusty. They are also less likely to buy items that have a visible layer of dust on them. This is especially true for businesses in the retail and food industries.
  • Dust is hazardous for health. A heavy accumulation of dust in the workplace is bad for health. Dust hazards in the workplace can cause anything from skin and eye irritation to dust pneumonia.
  • Increases your janitorial costs. More dust in your facility means more burden for your janitorial needs. The cleaning takes more time and costs you more in the long run.  
  • Dust is bad for electronics. Dust can get in the tightest and smallest nooks and crannies of electronics. Even the most highly advanced electronics are at risk. Dust in electronics can cause anything from overheating to interruptions to connectivity. That’s bad news no matter what business you are in.

How Floor Mats Protect Your Business from Dust

Dust, while inevitable, can be managed – and constant vacuuming is not your facility’s only line of defense. You can prevent dust in its tracks with floor mats.

The majority of dust that gets indoors comes from outdoor sources, brought inside primarily through shoes. The right type of floor mats, and correct mat placement, can prevent dust buildup indoors. In particular, you want strong, highly abrasive scraper mats at your facility’s entryways. They scrape off the dust and other impurities trapped under the soles of shoes. The mats trap the dirt and dust, preventing it from spreading elsewhere in your facility.

The Right Floor Mats for Your Business

There are many floor mats to choose from, and even more types of floor mats for business. There’s a whole array of commercial floor mats designed especially for heavy foot traffic and long-lasting use.


How do you know which ones suit your business best?

Specialty Mat is Your Reliable Floor Mat Provider

That’s where Specialty Mat comes into the picture! We don’t just provide some of the widest selections of floor mats for businesses; we’re also a local expert on all things floor mat and dust control.


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