How Professional Matting Protects Your Business During the Summer

  • July 27, 2020
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The temperature is high, the sun is up, and the days are longer. This can only mean one thing: summer is here! As fun as summer is, it can also be a challenging time for your floors. Winter may get all the bad rap with the moisture, mud, and the snow salts. But summer brings an entirely different set of problems to your flooring that are just as challenging to address. 

Here’s how professional matting protects your business during the summer:

Matting Protects Against Direct Sunlight

Few flooring types can withstand direct exposure to sunlight. The sun’s harmful UV rays can speed up the process of wear and tear – even on our floors. Sun exposure on floors can cause discoloration on hardwood, tile, and vinyl. Closing the windows or shutting the blinds would work just fine. Unless, of course, you’re running a business with large, store-front windows that can only benefit your business when left open.

This is where professional matting can help you. In areas where you can’t provide shade, a hardy, resistant floor mat can do a great job of protecting your floors against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The great news is, you are not stuck with bland, boring, tasteless floor mats that look out of place amongst your interiors. In this day and age of modern technology, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a classic design that meets your needs for function and aesthetics, or customized floor mats that bring your brand image forward, there’s a perfect choice for you!  

Professional Matting Stops Dirt

Dry weather brings in a steady stream of dirt and sand indoors. And where winter tracks in dirt that is wet, the dirt of summer is bone dry and often leaves minuscule marks and scratches on your flooring. The right professional matting service can stop these impurities in their tracks and prevent them from ever even coming into contact with your delicate floor.

More often than not, the most effective matting is a layer of mats, placed in your entryways according to their effectiveness in scraping off the dirt from under the soles of shoes. You’ll need different types of abrasive floor mats from your curbside entrance to a couple of feet inside for a thorough clean and catch.  

Professional Matting Services by Specialty Mat

For your business’s summer floor protection needs, look no further than Specialty Mat! We have all the right products that you need to get your floors through this season unscathed. And with professional maintenance and excellent customer service, you’ll surely want Specialty Mat to take care of your brand throughout the seasons.


Contact us today at (800) 941-MATS to get started and learn more about our products, services, and pricing.


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