What a Quality Restroom Service Does for Your Business

restroom facility service

Are dirty, poorly-maintained restrooms driving customers away? According to this study, it’s very likely! 64% of customers made a decision of returning or not returning to a business based on how clean their restrooms were. With a reliable partner providing quality restroom service, it’s one less thing to worry about! 

Unpleasant experiences in public restrooms are not merely a matter of offensive odors and dirty toilet seats. Among the most common complaints customers have about business restrooms are empty sanitizer and soap dispensers and lack of toilet paper.

Unfortunately, for busier businesses – especially ones with a limited workforce – a consistently spotless, well-stocked restroom is often hard to achieve. There is always something else that’s more important, that takes more time, and that takes precedence over keeping the restrooms in their best condition.

But who says it’s impossible to get that sparkling restroom that keeps customers coming back? All you need is a little help and nudge from a reliable restroom service partner!

What exactly can a quality restroom service provider do for you?

Save Time and Save Face

Stocking your restrooms is one of those little chores that seems small and easy, and won’t take too much time. But, as we all well know, even a little bit of time adds up. Restroom service providers save you from having to make store runs for your restroom essentials. The service, since it comes with automatic replenishment, makes sure that you never lose time or effort over that little task either.

Better Quality Restroom Products

The quality of the products you keep in your restrooms matter just as much as their availability. Restroom service providers usually have access to better quality products than what’s available on the mass market. This elevates your business’s appearance and reputation. Restroom services also frequently come with dispensers, easy tools that increase the efficiency and appearance of your restrooms.  

Convenience and Quality

Convenience and quality can go together. This is what high-quality restroom service providers can bring to the table. Provision of supply is half of the battle and with the right service partner, that half is already won. That is, of course, contingent on the restroom service provider that you find.

Get better, more reliable restroom services for your business from Specialty Mat Services! We cover all of your bases. From odor control and toilet seat covers and urinal screens, to paper and soap products, Specialty Mat Services has it all. And we deliver it with optimum efficiency and maximum results.

Specialty Mat is Your High-Quality Restroom Product Provider

Contact us today at (800) 941-MATS to learn more about how we can help transform your restroom maintenance.  



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