How Mats Prevent the Spread of Germs

  • April 28, 2020
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Protecting your business from germs, bacteria, and other pathogens is just as important as protecting it from any other threat. Most people think of competition, economic difficulty, or internal issues as dangers to the business, but the microscopic are also threatening.

Unless they’re accounted for and defended against, your business is vulnerable in ways that are hard to imagine. Good thing Speciality Mat is here with the mats that will protect your business from microscopic threats.

Here’s how Specialty Mat helps prevent the spread of germs in your business:

Entry Mats Capture Dirt and Debris 

Dirt and dust brought in from the outside are contributing factors in a range of health issues. From allergies to infections, dust can be responsible for many illnesses. Keeping as much of it out of your business as possible is paramount to keeping your employees and customers safe. 

A properly installed and cared for entry mat is a game changer. With proper matting capturing 85% of dust that gets inside a business, Speciality Mat provides this powerful solution to work for your specific needs. 

If you’re thinking that daily sweeping and mopping are just as effective, you’re assuming that dirt stays on the ground. This is not the case. The longer dust stays around, and the more that gets in, the more likely it is to be kicked back up into the air. As a result, sweeping and mopping can only do so much–they can’t clean the air once the dust is there. Properly fitted and cared for mats prevents that dust from becoming airborne. 

Bathroom Mats Keep Bacteria Starved 

Bacteria is everywhere, especially in the bathroom. With a consistent moisture supply, lack of ventilation and sunlight, and a steady food source, bacteria can flourish in bathrooms. When their populations become large enough, they become noticeable through smell. If your business’s bathroom has a sewage or sulfurous smell to it, assuming there are no plumbing issues, it’s due to a bacterial colony. 

While most people will look at the drains for answers, odds are just as good that bacteria are living inside under your feet. Grouting, etchings, or damaged floors in bathrooms provide the perfect cover for bacteria. It keeps them safe from foot fall and cleaning agents while gathering a favorite food source: urine. With a steady supply of urine and the hormones, proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and nitrogen in it, a bacterial colony can thrive. 

How Bathroom Mats Keep Bacteria Under Control

Without their food source, the bacteria in your bathroom can’t proliferate. With a quality mat under each urinal or strategically placed and consistently cleaned, bacteria don’t get the chance. When urine splashes onto the floor, instead of finding its way to the bacteria, it’s trapped in the mat. When that mat is replaced and cleaned in consistent intervals, the bacteria starves, its population decreases, and so does the smell. 

Aside from smell, bacteria presents significant health issues to your employees and customers. If a colony gets too big, parts of it will leave the bathroom on the shoes of visitors and get spread throughout your business. Keeping it under control in the bathroom, the place that needs it most, benefits your business as a whole. 

Specialty Mat is Here to Help! 

As our name suggests, mats are our speciality. Our mat customization allows not only your businesses logo and personality to show, but can also fit any dimensions or texture needed. We have every kind of mat and can fulfill your business’s unique needs.  Above all else, we’re here to serve you.

For more information, give us a call at (800)941-MATS, or contact us here.

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