How to Prevent Employee Burnout

  • March 12, 2020
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Employee burnout is a real problem in nearly every industry. Preventing employee burnout is crucial to a business’s long-term success. How to prevent employee burnout is simple: do everything you can to keep your employees cool. Specialty Mat has some ideas for how to prevent employee burnout, and has materials to help. 

Keep reading to find out how! 

Causes of Employee Burnout

There are many reasons for employee burnout, but some are more frequently cited as reasons than others. In a survey of 1,000 people, The Sleep Judge found that 93% of respondents experienced slight burnout at work.

Primary causes of burnout are a dysfunctional workplace, having to deal with co-workers, and feeling a lack of control. 

Types of Employee Burnout

Before getting to the solutions, it helps to understand the problem. There are multiple types of burnout and reasons for them. 

Mental Burnout

Mental burnout, as the name implies, is a chronic exhaustion of the mind, and it takes a heavy toll on job performance. The symptoms of mental burnout can take a couple of forms.

Common ones include:

– Increased cynicism or becoming overly critical at work

– Decreased interest in the job and work in general

– Low energy and productivity 

– Diminished satisfaction with job 

– Disillusionment with job and future potential

Guarding employees against mental burnout is tricky. Like we mentioned before, with the highest scoring reasons for inter-job burnout being a dysfunctional workplace, having to deal with co-workers, and lack of control, countering office burnout is a major challenge. 

Solutions for Mental Burnout 

Here are some things you can do to mitigate mental burnout in your business:

  1. Open up the conversation about burnout. By putting a face to something that might be bothering your employees, you’re giving it an identity. Once identified, your employees will be more comfortable discussing whatever issues in the business they feel contribute to burnout.
  2. Encourage activity outside of work. Having a hobby or interest outside of work is important in undoing stress accumulated on the clock.
  3. Encourage exercise and proper sleep. Not that you have control over what employees do outside of work, but identifying issues that are causing burnout and providing solutions to those feelings can go a long way. 

Physical Burnout 

Unlike mental burnout, physical burnout is generally more observable and its causes are clearer. As a result, contending with it is simpler. Industries most affected by physical burnout are the wholesale trade, accommodation and food services, manufacturing, and transportation and warehousing. In all of these trades, employees must either do strenuous work or stand for extended periods. Luckily, Speciality Mat has just the solutions to alleviate physical burnout where it matters most. 

Proper Mats and Mat Placements

Mats designed to reduce strain on workers can significantly reduce the possibility of burnout. Speciality Mat has just the mats your business needs.

– Comfort Mats: For those long-standing employees who could use a little relief, our line of comfort mats is a worthy consideration. Designed to cushion the connection to the ground, comfort mats take pressure off areas of the body that really feel it. Feet, legs, and lower back all get a break with the help of comfort mats. 

– Airflex (Anti-Fatigue) Mats: With a comfort only rivaled by its traction and safety, Specialty Mats’ Airflex Mats are the next generation of mat comfort. If improving employee energy and stamina during the day is your goal, Airflex is your solution. 

Quality Environmental Service Material

A clean environment promotes energy and activity, not to mention a safer place to do business. Aside from looking better for customers, a clean business will give employees something to look forward to when getting to work. Specialty Mat has the tools needed to make any business clean and neat. 

Refreshing Bathroom Experiences

Like it or not, a bathroom break is a time for employees to decompress, even if just for a minute or two. Having a bathroom that smells and looks dirty greatly diminishes that moment of decompression. Instead of a relaxing moment of zen, employees have to battle unseen forces of stench and microbes. That’s a shifted dynamic that has no gain. 

Specialty Mat has the restroom services that your business needs to make employees and guests feel welcome in your bathroom. 

Contact Specialty Mat Today 

Combating burnout is challenging. Let Specialty Mat make your job easier! For premium mat, mop, and bathroom needs for your business today, contact Specialty Mat Services at (800) 941-MATS or ask about a free quote! 


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