How to Keep Your Business Dust-Free

  • December 11, 2019
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Dust can come from anywhere and anything, including animal dander, dead skin cells, clothing lint, car exhaust, plant pollen, etc.

While we can never be fully certain without microscopes exactly the type of dust that’s settled on your shelves and furniture, the one thing we know for sure is that most of the dust indoors is brought in from outdoors.

Dust enters through open doors and windows, or is tracked in under shoes. But it does not have to take over your business. Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your business dust-free:

Keep a cleaning schedule and stick to it. 

The best and most effective way to keep dust from settling and accumulating is to keep a rigorous cleaning schedule and stick to it. You have to maintain a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules that should depend on how much dust exposure your business gets. This cleaning schedule should include:

– Light dusting – ideally daily to prevent accumulation; use high-quality cleaning towels to get the best results.

– Mopping with microfiber mops – microfiber mops are not only tiny enough to fit through even the smallest gaps on the walls and floors to get dust, but they also use static energy to attract and trap dust so they don’t disperse all over your space.

– Vacuuming – at least once a week, more if you are located in a particularly dusty location to remove built-up dust and dirt.

– Intense Cleaning – once or twice a month to fully scrub off dust that accumulated overtime.

Keep doors and windows shut. 

Because most of the dirt and dust that end up inside are blown in from outside, it is essential to keep doors and windows tightly shut. It is also important to improve on the ventilation of your indoor space to allow the dust to never settle on any one surface and actually get blown back outside.

Keep tracked dirt trapped. 

Foot traffic is one of the biggest culprits for tracking dust and dirt indoors. To minimize this, use a set of floor mats right from the entrance. That way, anything that gets tracked in won’t end up directly on your floors or dispersed onto surfaces. Instead, it will get trapped into the floor mats

The right floor mats can help prevent 80% of tracked in dust and dirt from getting indoors, effectively protecting your business space from dust and your floors from premature wear and tear.

Specialty Mat Services is Here to Help Make Your Business Dust Free!

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