Benefits of Using A Towel Service

  • October 04, 2019
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If you or your employees struggle to manage the towel supply for your business, consider hiring a towel service to fulfill your needs. Professional towel management saves you time, stress, and money. 

Towel management is a bigger task than it sounds. Not only do you have to keep a supply of clean towels stocked and neat, but you have to track them, make sure they’re not damaged or stained, and buy new ones when they get stolen or run-down.

A Towel Service Saves Time

Have you calculated how much time is spent on your business’s towels? There’s the searching, vetting, and pricing to purchase the towels, time spent folding, organizing, and storing, and of course the time spent laundering them. 

A towel service will not only do all of those things for you, but will do so efficiently, correctly, and on time, every time. When you work with Specialty Mat, you’ll never have to wonder if the rack will be empty again, because it’s our full-time job to make sure it’s not. Once we come in, towels will just be there. This leaves time to focus on other business needs!  

A Towel Service Lessens Stress 

Trying to find a missing towel is an impossible task. Because there’s so much utility for towels in day-to-day operations, they’re commonly stolen. Even if they’re not intentionally stolen, they’re an easy thing to casually keep or accidentally misplace. 

If you’re in charge of it, it’s a frustrating reality of towel management. Your options to cope are (1) waste emotional energy on those frustrations, (2) accept it as part of the job and trudge along, (3) become the Towel Avenger, (4) or hire a professional towel service to tackle these problems for you. 

A Towel Service Saves Money

While it may sound more economical to own and launder your business’s towels yourself, there are many unforeseen fees to that decision. 

First, the initial down payment can easily reach into the thousands depending on the size of your business and quality of towels you’d like to have. Second, once you have the towels, you have to find a place to neatly store them when clean and when they’re used, and the office space being used by it can’t be used by anything else. Third, laundering fees are nothing to smile at, and that’s assuming you’re not doing it yourself. 

When a towel goes missing or becomes too damaged or stained to use anymore, you’re stuck finding another just like it and paying full price and shipping. That’s your time and money gone.

Specialty Mat Services is Your Towel Service Answer

Ownership might feel like control while things are new and life is good, but when time and wear set in, that control changes hands. Don’t let a pile of dirty towels dictate how you spend your valuable time. 

Call Specialty Mat Services today at 800-941-MATS for a free quote and start tomorrow without the dread of towel management hanging over you. 


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