What is a Restroom Service?

  • September 11, 2019
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Specialty Mat Services offers your business a lot more than just 200 styles of floor mats with regular maintenance. Take advantage of our delivery schedule to get other necessary items delivered to your business on a regular basis!

We’re talking about a restroom service. 

Your restrooms are more important than you think. 

One of the worst, most unpleasant experiences for a customer to have with your business is being stuck inside a commercial restroom without toilet tissue, soap or hand towels. You can provide the best products and services in your industry, but it won’t matter if your restrooms are dirty or out of stock. The state of your restroom says a lot about your business, and will change a customer’s perception for better or for worse. 

For example, according to the 10th Annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 64% of people said that the cleanliness of their restrooms impacts which businesses they choose to patronize. So, it’s important that you maintain and supply your restrooms on a regular basis, and a restroom service will make that so much easier. 

A restroom service ensures consistency. 

While restrooms are important, you can’t always be running out at the last minute to restock your soap dispensers. Outsourcing these tasks to a company like Specialty Mat Services frees up your time and energy for more central tasks.

We can equip your restroom with the latest hands-free technology and the right supplies so you always have what you need. Here are some of the restroom solutions and products that we can offer your business:

– Mountable hand care systems

– Heavy-duty hand cleansers

– Toilet seat cleansers

– Air freshener systems

– Toilet tissue

– Urinal screens

– Hand towel dispensers

– Toilet tissue dispensers

– Soap dispensers

We’ll help you install the dispensers you need, and then provide you with regular deliveries of single-use products like hand towels, toilet tissue, hand cleansers, toilet seat cleansers and more. You get the right products at the right time, and you don’t have to worry about running out ever again!

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In addition to our restroom services, we can equip your business with a wide range of customizable commercial floor mats, from logo mats to anti-fatigue mats. Our representatives will help walk you through your floor mat and restroom service options, tailor a program that’s right for you, and give you a quote so that you can make the best decision for your business. 

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